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About Dual Watch

Offline lecture viewer, with synced controls for 2 videos

Want to enhance your lecture watching experience?

Dual Watch is the best way to play 2 videos, side by side, with synced controls and no internet.
Be more productive with our custom made video player, with features we know you'll find useful for watching lectures.

Watch offline, anywhere, anytime...

Echo360 and Panopto provide a similar side by side, synced experience. However, you can't use them offline.
The best you can do is download your lectures, and view only 1 screen/recording.
With Dual Watch, you can watch your lectures offline, without missing out on the second screen. Perfect for watching a lecture on the train.

Use Cases

How do I use Dual Watch?

Easy, download both screens/recordings of the lecture you want to watch (from Echo360 or Panopto), and then drag and drop them onto the homepage. To get the offline functionality working, just visit the website once (which you already have), and refresh or visit a different page at least once. Oh and make sure you're using an up to date web browser. You might even want to add Dual Watch as a shortcut/app to your homescreen.

Want more tips?

Check out our Help Guide to learn the ins and outs of using Dual Watch.

Help Guide

Who made this, and why?

As a student of Monash University, Akash Saggar had to travel 2 hours each way to get to uni. With a desire to make the most of his time on the train, he created this tool for his own personal use, and had been using it for 2 years before releasing it to the public.

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